Jeep is a working musician, guitar player, engineer, songwriter, arranger,  and producer. He also does front-of-house live sound in the Atlanta area. Jeep is always looking for new projects to keep the creative juices going. If you are looking for assistance on your next musical project, or want to collaborate on a project. Let's talk (Talk.)

Studio Engineering and Production

Jeep is an experienced studio engineer and producer. He knows his way around mixing boards and Pro Tools. Jeep has worked in top studios around the world and also does development projects in his own studio, Hook House Studio in the Atlanta area.

Live Sound

Jeep loves doing front-of-house live sound engineering. He does a lot of work in bars, clubs, and churches in the Atlanta area.

Song Writing and Arranging

Jeep is available for songwriting and arranging projects. Jeep has a love of blues, soul, r&b, pop, rock, and dance music.

Live Gigs

Jeep started playing in bars and clubs in London in the 1980s. He has played in venues big and small all over the world. Jeep still loves playing live. So if you are looking for an experienced guitar player for some live gigs please reach out.