Early Days

Jeep cut his teeth playing bars and clubs in London. He also spent some time working in the music scene in Chicago.

Talk Talk

Jeep joined the touring band of Talk Talk in 1984 after answering a classified ad in The Melody Maker. Jeep toured with Talk Talk for about 18 months. He toured The States with Talk Talk when they opened for Berlin and The Psychedelic Furs. He even shared the stage with Stevie Ray Vaughn at Red Rocks in Colorado.

Talk Talk was a big selling artist in Europe. Jeep got to play in the UK and across Europe. His travels brought him to France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy.

Millions Like Us

With the experience of working with Talk Talk behind him, Jeep wanted to create and play his own music. He formed a blue-eyed soul duo called Millions Like Us with singer John O'Kane and signed a record deal with Virgin Records. The band moved to Los Angeles to record their first album.

Los Angeles

Millions Like Us only released one album but Jeep decided to stay and work in America and made Los Angeles his home. He worked on many sessions and live shows in his time in the LA area.


Life then brought Jeep to Atlanta. The ATL music scene was taking off and Jeep worked with many local musicians in town. He also opened his own Hook House Studio.

Spirit of Talk Talk

James Marsh, the illustrator who did the amazing artwork for most of Talk Talk album covers released a book called "The Spirit of Talk Talk."  There was also a tribute album of the same name.

When Mark Hollis the singer and leader of Talk Talk passed away in February of 2019 The Spirit of Talk Talk became a live band. Jeep flew to London for rehearsals and a concert at the Southbank Centre in London. The concert featured musicians that had worked with Talk Talk over the years with guest vocalists.