Reconnecting With Ian Curnow

Ian Curnow / Jeep Hook

It was great to reconnect with Ian Curnow when we played together with The Spirit of Talk Talk concert in London in 2019. I had played with Ian with Talk Talk on the It’s My Life tours in Europe in 1983/84.

Even in those distant days of the early ’80s Ian was one of the first keyboard players to use MIDI keyboards, drum machines, and sequencers. He was a wizard with technology. I was fortunate to have worked with so many talented people.

After Ian’s time with Talk Talk he became the main keyboard player and programmer for the hugely successful Stock Aitken and Waterman team during their massive success period, playing on most of their records and also producing and writing for many of the artists there including Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley, Banarama, Jason Donovan, Sinitta, and others.

Ian is adept at getting the best from a wide range of artists and has worked with a huge variety of people including Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley, Take That, E17, Example, JLS, Donna Summer, Talk Talk, Girls Aloud, Liberty X, Kate Ryan, Darren Styles, Dougal and Gammer, Tina Charles, Cliff Richard, Donna Summer, Bananarama, Pet Shop Boys, and many many more.

Currently, Ian is working with a number of new acts and developing artists like Jack Robinson, ELI ANNINA, ANDIE, and BAILEY, along with bringing in new young writing and production talent to the eemusic team in the form of DARKSTARS and David Simon.

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